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Rod Stewart and Carlos Santana

Thursday evening July 31, 2014,  Rod Stewart and Carlos Santana played in concert at The Michael Knight Center in Eugene Oregon and we were there.  

Carlos opened and to say it was overwhelmingly loud would be an understatement!  We hadn’t thought to bring earplugs but in hindsight that would have been an awesome idea.  I certainly don’t remember him that loud back at our high school dances.  We all soon adjusted to the volume and were taken back to “the day”.

Rod opened the second half and although he seemed a bit tired in the beginning his adrenalin was soon pumping and he was in full top energy mode.  Wayne wondered if he would still be kicking soccer balls into the audience while signing Hot Legs and sure enough he kicked a ton of balls even into the top tier of the arena. My guy hasn’t lost it!!  He was adorable, sexy and certainly gave us his all!!

The true highlight moment was when Rod called Carlos on stage and they did a song together.  A moment I will never forget!!