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A new Grandson.

We are one day short of three weeks before we head to South America but I first must tell you all about “James”, our new little (and I mean little) Grandson. He came home with Evan on Sunday from the Multnomah Animal Rescue and was patiently waiting in the last cage in the last room that they looked in for Evan to find himJames. When their eyes met Evan exclaimed that he was the one and upon being  introduced they immediately bonded. Evan named him James after his favorite culinary chef.

Since Wayne and I needed to go to Kaiser in Beaverton yesterday to get all our travel shots (5 each) and travel meds it was the perfect excuse to stop in and meet the new little guy.  We also brought them our little travel carrier so Annika will be able to take him to work as he is only 5 months old.  I’m predicting potty training will be easy as at one point yesterday while we were there he gave a little whine and I said he must need to go potty so Edgard put on his leash and I took him outside and sure enough he took care of business.  Yeah, smart runs in this family for sure!!  (Or was that smart ass???)  I have to admit I am so jealous and my heart is aching for a little dog.

On to preparing for our trip…………..

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