Thurs in Lima

Today was our second day traveling around Lima by public busses and we really feel like pros. The young men here immediately give up their seats for “older” women and men which was so appreciated by me. The bus we jumped on today to go to the art museum started loading up about half way there and a young woman saw where we had ourLonely Planet guide open to and she assured us she would tell us when to get off as that was her stop also. About 4 stops before ours she indicated we should get up and start working our way thru the packed in like sardine bodies to the back of  the bus to be able to get off when we got to our stop. What an angel!!  We made it off the bus, profusely thanked her and shook hands. So far we have met so many friendly Peruvians. On our first day an older gentleman with a big smile on his face paused as he walked by and said, “thank you for visiting Peru”, and continued on his way.

We we had an early simple dinner and will be meeting our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Juber, at a 7:00pm meeting. There are three other women on our tour so it will be quite a small group and for sure our guide will not need a flag on a pole for us to follow.  Wayne thinks this all women, one guy group sounds pretty good to him!! 😊

We both are very anxious to get on the road tomorrow.

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