Meeting our guide Juber and group

At 7:00pm last night we met our guide, Juber, a very enthusiastic and oh so personable young man. We also met the three other ladies, Pauline and Mary from Dublin, Ireland and Allanah, from Australia.  Juber was really excited to have such a small group as they average 13 to 15.  After a 45 min briefing of our adventure we took out walking to all have dinner together.
Juber took up to a really typical Peruvian restaurant with all the tables out in an alley and no restaurant front in sight. We were welcomed with a Pisco Sour which was deliciously non sweet and oh so yummy. Juber helped us with our dinner choices and he suggested a grilled vegetable selection for me. The presentation of my dish made everyone stop talking.  I would insert a photo here but I somehow have not mastered adding a photo as my entire camera roll comes up and doesn’t allow me to just choose one photo .  (Help Lee!!!)

We take off at noon today and head down the coast. Will be interesting to see the wifi situation.

Hugs to all!!!

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