Bus to Paraca

Our bus is scheduled to leave in just a few minutes and in about 4 hours we will be in Pisco where we will spend the night and Juber has promised a trip to a winery tomorrow where he said we will taste some really great wines. OMG, I think this has to be the nicest bus I have ever had the pleasure of traveling on. There is a door between the seating and the entrance and driver with curtains.  We have a host and hostess and when we were just taking off the hostess came thru the bus and video taped each of the passengers which Juber said was for security purposes. Guess I’ll have to behave. Three rather large screens are hanging from the ceiling  and so far they are looping just rather annoying commercials.   An animated movie began showing with a wicked witch with wings and incredible powers to take down entire armies and she captured  the princess baby….no I won’t bore you with the rest of the details!  The movie is “Maleficient”?? Lunch was served by our cute young steward (I’m thinking the gal that video taped us got off the bus) and Juber had warned us about the food. It turned out to be a roll (no filling, just a roll) a package of chocolate covered cookies and three lemon hard candies. Cutie boy then came with an offering of cups of sofa or coffee. Wayne and I both opted for the coffee which was a latte sort of drink also known as cafe con leche or cafe de olla. We arrived at a really cute, on the beach, town and checked into Hostal Refugio Del Pirata which had a pirate theme, great pool and BBQ facility. Quite nice Hostel. I wish I could figure out how to attach photos as our dinner was a spectacular presentation which was divine. Wayne had prawns over sculpted mounds of mashed potatoes and I had mashed potatoes with spinach in two sculpted layers with corn and cheese filling in the middle. The plate was covered in an assortment of marinated artichokes, red peppers and really delicious olives. Beyond que yummo.

2 thoughts on “Bus to Paraca

  1. Sorry you can’t figure out how to do photos, but glad you are sending them to us! Everything sounds fabulous, the bus, interesting, hostel, interesting. How did you research this tour?

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