Saturday, day 6

After a relaxing day and night in Paracas, a delightful little coastal vacation town we headed out for Nasca and stopped for lunch and fun in Hucachina which features a little oasis in the middle of huge sand dunes. Only Lanah opted to take the dune buggy ride up and sand board down the sand dunes. She had a blast which most 23 year olds would. We then headed out to Nasca and again Lanah was the only one of us five to opt to take the plane ride to view the famous Nasca Lines.

Our next stop was the oldest winery, Tacama, in So America and was founded in 1540.  We were taken on a tour of the winery and it was like being in a museum with all the antique wine making equipment displayed thru out. We then went into the tasting room to sample all the different varieties that they made. We started with a delightful bubbly (Suzanne, you would have loved it!) which was followed by a Rose and two whites. We then had the Gran Tinto, which Wayne and I really enjoyed so bought a bottle to enjoy somewhere along the way. (No Barb it won’t be coming home to you as we only have carry on and it would probably have aged way to long in 5 weeks so can’t risk). They did a final finish of Pisco which is a hard liquor made from grapes that is the base for the famous Pisco sour.

Juber took us on a walking tour of the city after checking into our quaint hotel Alegria which was just a few blocks from the main plaza. We all went to dinner and once again had a fabulous meal.

Tomortow Lanah takes the plane ride and we also will visit a Nasca museum, view mummies and visit an artists studio. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Saturday, day 6

  1. So wonderful you are having a great time, as is to be expected! Keep the posts coming we are following. Thought of you yesterday as I roasted garlic, GirlyGirls are fine and had three eggs and seemed to like the attention. All is well. Karen

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