In different areas we have the addition of local guides and Freddie joined Juber and us for the trip to Colca, high in the Andes. Juan was our driver and we had a van type bus with a capacity of twenty so the 5 of us plus Juber in the back all had comfortable seating.

Our trip up into the Andes yesterday was fascinating and we each have had moments of adjusting to the altitude. We arrived in Colca at lunch time and were taken to a Peruvian buffet which had a large selection of delicious food. I will elaborate a bit more later on the food.

After checking into our family owned hotel Wayne and I took off on a walk thru the market just down the street from our hotel and across from the main plaza.   At 4:00pm the group met in the lobby for a hike and I went as far as the edge of town  with them and then meandered back to the plaza where I walked a bit, people watched a bit and then walked back to our hotel and did laundry. Once again Wayne and I agreed that we packed way too much as we have stayed on top of laundry at each stop.

After the return of the hikers we all went to have dinner at a restaurant across from the plaza. After the ginormous buffet at lunch neither Wayne nor I were very hungry so I had another version of the cream quinoa soup which has become my new fave. Wayne also had the soup and a plate of pasta. Lanah and Francis also had the soup,and they loved it while Juber and Freddie did the big meat etc (llama or alpaca) dinner platter. Pauline was feeling the effects of being at 3,600 meters and opted for bed. Wayne awoke with a headache but a couple if Alieve and lots of water did the trick this morning. Pauline also had recovered.

After breakfast at the hotel of juice, liquid yogurt , which was actually quite tasty, rolls with butter and jam and a selection of teas and instant coffee we headed out at 6:30am for Colca Canyon (twice as deep as the Grand Canyon) to view Condors. Along the way,at viewpoints, we stopped for photos and also a bit of shopping from the elaborately dressed local Andean ladies. Upon arriving at the main view point we spotted our first condor soaring over head as we exited the van. We saw two more before leaving and Wayne had some hopefully good photo opts. I stayed with Jose and we had a lively time discussing his California Hairless Terriers, which are his dear pets, and then every subject from environment to politics. He was so patient with my spanish and spoke slow enough for me to understand almost all he was saying. When I didn’t understand I just asked questions and he re explained till I got it. What a blast we had while the group took another hike down and up the canyon.

After the spectacular morning in one of the most beautiful canyons in the world we headed back to Colca and after talking with the group everyone decided that the Peruvian Buffet would be perfect. Now he is where I wish I could pop a few pictures into this post as I have one food visual you all need to see. I will finish up here, post this one and try a new post with pictures. I’ve had luck with one picture so that may be what I will need to do.

Just to pre empt you before the photo, here we all are having lunch and Juber who was sitting across from me, was eating what looked like extremely well done deep fried chicken. Wayne had a piece on his plate and asked Juber how to eat it as he could not detect any meat. At that moment Lana, who was on the other side of Wayne looked over at his piece of fried food and audibly gasped with a horrified look on her face. I could not understand from my vantage point till Wayne turned the plate in my direction. I also gasped!!!  Hope the picture posts!!!

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