Awoke to a beautiful final morning in Colca, a village that go us was the gateway to our spetacular Colca Canyon visit and three Condor sightings.

Yesterday afternoon Freddie and Juber took us to the natural hot springs for a relaxing and rejuvenating soak and relaxation that was especially appreciated by the canyon hikers.

The final finish was dinner in the square at an Irish Pub. They even had Guinness on the beer menu but it was a bit expensive at $30.00 solales which is about $10.50 US.

Up at 5:15am this morning as we will be on the road at 6:30 for a 5 hour or so (depending on traffic) trek higher into he Andes.

Since leaving Lima we have been staying in small little family owned hotels which are pretty much bare bones accommodations but the beds have been snuggly and oh so warm. The water has been hot hot hot so life is good.

We just passed over our highest point of 5,000 meters which translates to about 15,000 plus feet. Knock on wood so far we are all doing well. All the hikers have been drinking cocoa tea on a regular basis and sucking on cocoa candy which is highly recommended to help with the altitude. When we were leaving Aeriquipa Freddie gave us cocoa leaves chewing lesson and I tell you the stuff does not taste pleasant on my palate at all.  We had tried it in the Argentina when we were in Andes and I had the same (couldn’t spit it out quick enough) reaction.

The mountains are very arrid but we are treated to sights of herds of alpaca grazing and we even had to stop while a small herd crossed the road as they are protected and always have the right of way.

Just stopped to view some Andian Flamingos, Andian Geese (that are huge) and Andian Seagulls. They were pretty far away but with Wayne’s binoculars we all got a great look.  Along the way at every view point or bathroom stop ( 1 soles which is 34cents) there are lots of Andian vendors selling beautiful hand made wares at extremely low prices.   We just came around another turn and looked down upon many flamingos and birds close up. Took our breath away. Juber assures us when we get to Lake Titicaca we will have a nice up and personal experience.

As you can tell I am doing this in the van along the way so a bit challenging and I really have to keep my eye on auto correct. 😊

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