Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo

We took off for a tour of The Sacred Valley. Along the way we stopped at a “Planetaria Cooperative” which is supported by G Adventures, our tour company. Here the money has allowed the women to have weaving looms and they produce beautiful textiles and also knit scarves, hats, gloves etc. the men of the village are employed by G Adventures as the porters and cooks for the Inca Trail. The village is flourishing. We were given a tour and each of us ladies took our turn weaving with the help of our tutors. These women are amazing as they weave intricate designs with no pattern. We then were shown how they processed the fiber and made the natural dyes from plants. The fiber (llama, alpaca or sheep) is boiled in these dyes for about 45 minutes. We had our own local little lady that assisted with the demonstration and she then quickly took us to her table of wares. I bought some leg warmers as I already had an alpaca hat, gloves and socks.

It’s getting quite cold today and has been raining off and on all day. The local guide said that it will probably rain on the big hike. The group is on a one hour hike right now and I opted to hang on the bus and jot down thoughts while still fresh. It really is great how they get in a hike or two almost every day in preparation.

The topic all day has been snacks on the trail and Lanah, (23, very slim and is our best eater) is the most concerned as she pretty much is a non stop eater and they have to carry all their snacks. When we were leaving Puno I spotted Snicker bars and bought 2 for Wayne (his fav candy) and gave him one on the bus for a treat and this morning I gave him the other for the trail.

Lunch was a gastronomical delight.

We had lunch at a G Adventure sponsored village project and I could not adequately describe the gourmet presentation of each course at this meal. I somehow left my phone on the bus so Wayne graciously agreed to take photos (as I knocked his fork out of his hand till he took a photo) and I will share with you foodies later. Creatively beautiful stunning presentation is all I can say!!

We arrived in Ollantaytambo where our Trekkers will blast off to The Inca Trail tomorrow.

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