We arrived in Cusco around 3:30pm on Sun and Juber took us to a great little, always jam packed, restaurant. I spotted the BLT on the menu and knew this was going to be good. The description listed homemade bread and mayo with pesto. Well let’s just say if that restaurant was in McMinnville I would have a hard time deciding if I wanted Ricardo’s pork belly tacos or that BLT. Yes it was that good. Juber and Wayne had a stew in a wine sauce that was accompanied by delicious mashed potatoes. All you potato fans would love eating here as there are over 1,500 varieties and the flavors are so different but so far each have been very tasty. They very often serve multiple varieties in the same dish.

Juber then took us on a walking tour of the main city but everyone was anxious to attend the 7:00pm informational meeting about the upcoming hike. The presentation was really in detail and our presenter went over each day and details of the terrains for each day and what to expect along the way. Very interesting but I don’t think that even if I were in tip top shape I would attempt. Each hiker was given a duffle bag and after the (rented) sleeping bag and air mattress each hiker could add 2 1/2 kilos of personal items and this is the bag the porters carry for you along with the tents, food and cooking utensils. You then must carry anything yourself that is over the 2 1/2 kilos in a daypack. Lots of questions were answered and we were to pack for an overnight stay along with all the hiking essentials and be ready by 7:30am take off Mon morning. Our luggage will be stored at the hotel.

Monday morning dawns……

Breakfast was at the hotel and it is pretty much the same everywhere. Rolls, butter, jam, unidentifiable cereal, milk, thin yogurt, juice, instant coffee, tea and cocoa leaves for tea. Some hotels will cook eggs and charge extra but this one it was included and the coffee was perked. Ahh, the precious little things. 😊. Also sometimes there is cheese and ham and this one did. Pretty bare bones except for Lima where breakfast was a buffet feast. Not as good as our China trek breakfasts but really good.

The hikers were all pretty nervous and anxious this morning about what they packed or didn’t pack as they will not have another opportunity to add any items before the hike. I think Wayne re packed about three times last night and then again this morning.

Off to The Sacred Valley.

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