Tues 10/22

Tues 10/22.

Got Wayne, Lannah, Francis and Pauline off on their hike of The Inca Trail.
Our van was to pick is up at 10:00am and since we had a little bit of time we went to the Inca ruins just down the street from our hotel. The construction precision and then the movement of these huge stones seems impossible but they did it. Also the elaborate water system bringing the water out of the mountains and to the precious crops in the fields via cut stone duct ways was pure architectural genius. I found this site so relaxing and meditatively peaceful with the sight and sound of lots of cascading water but at the same time I felt a sense of powerful energy all around. Peru has done a great job with restoration and Juber filled me in with lots of information about how the Incas used this site. Since Ollantaytambo is a popular starting place for the Inca Trail there are so many vendors of handicrafts everywhere and regular tienda type Latin America stores but these also sold every type of hiking equipment you could imagine right down to feather weight down jackets.

Our van picked us up and a bit down the road Juber and I were joined in our van by two other tour group “non Inca Trail hikers” so there were 4 tourists, three guides, one local guide and our driver.

Our local guide who was called Abuelo, which means Grandfather in Spanish, was a delightful character who always had a smile on his face. Raised in the area he had been an Inca Trail guide till he had knee surgery in Feb.
we first stopped at a natural salt field and the water, a salt content twice that of the ocean, flows from an unknown source thru a small crevice in the side of the mountain.
Onward we went to Moray a very impressive Inca site. When leaving the site our driver informed us we had a flat tire. It took about an hour to figure how to extract the spare and then just a few minutes to change the tire. The two Aussie ladies and I sat and had a great time talking but the most impressive part was the stunning backdrop of multiple mountains and a stunning blue sky dappled with puffs of fluffy clouds. Stunning.
The trip to Cusco was uneventful and I asked Juber if he minded eating a late lunch at Jacks where my BLT was callings name.
I did a bit of exploring and them went to my room for an early to bed night.
City tour at 9:00 am tomorrow.

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