Wed in Cusco

Had breakfast with Juber and we had a fun hour or so chatting till the guide picked me up.
Tika is my guide today for the city tour and he also wants to take us to the local market as an added bonus if the other three we will be picking up. Really luxurious seats in this van today. Yippee!!
Cusco is a beautiful city with a very impressive and elaborate church along with some interesting Inca sites which are being preserved. We walked quite a bit and also traversed quite a few steps up and down but well worth the pain.
Our guide was very knowledgable about the ruins but also art history as his Dad is an artist.
The same three Aussies were on the tour with me and the guy (I was going to refer to him as gentleman but couldn’t ) was more of a jerk today than the day before. He asked Tika questions that only an Inca who had lived during that time would know and then was put out that he didn’t have an answer. His wife was his cheerleader so it kept going on. Tics finally said, “Sir, I will do my best if you let me give you my information and if you have any questions please let me know.” I gave Tica a big smile to say thank you. Mr Jerk settled down after that but I know he will give him a bad review to the company so I will also write a review on Mr Jerk.
Got back to the plaza and I quickly hustled off and found a restaurant overlooking a small plaza across from the Choco Museo where I will take my chocolate making class.
At 4:00 I went to my chocolate making class and since there were just two if us Josie gave us really special attention. Anyone interested in chocolate contact me and we will talk.
Leaving at 5:00am for Aguas Callenties in the morning and then meeting Wayne and the group early Fri morn.

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