Arrived in Aguas Calientes late morning and the entire town was without electricity. After scaling blocks of pure uphill ascent (insert any or all painful adjectives here!) Juber and I reached our hotel and checked in. Just to stay with the program my room ended up on the second floor which actually was the third floor.
Juber and I then walked around town and ended up sitting and watching the workers unload supplies from the train mostly into wheel barrels and then push them uphill into town. The only non ascending street was along the train tracks so all the supplies, water, soda, beer, canisters of propane etc had to be hauled uphill. Lots of jobs.

One of the wonderful observations is the tremendous amount of building going on everywhere you look and Peru is experiencing a great economic growth. The influx of tourism has been a big contributing factor.
I want to insert here that this trip has totally exceeded our expectations in almost every way and especially the wonderful HOT showers. Lima had warm water and of course there were no showers on our home stay on Lake Titicaca or for Wayne on the Inca Trail but every other morning has been pure shower bliss!! Ahhhhh…
Tonight I go to sleep by candle light with no running water (yea no shower in the morning) and tomorrow I meet Wayne at Machu Picchu!!!! Sure been missing him!!

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