Going to the Galapagos

Going to The Galapagos
Off to Galapagos 10/30/14
At 6:00am a beautiful black sedan car with wifi, Juber scheduled for us, arrived to take us to the Lima airport.
Goodbye Peru!!!!

Well, almost an hour after our scheduled take off while we sat in the plane we finally got in the air. Going west to The Galapagos we gained an hour so are now only one hour ahead of home.
The hour and forty minute flight was uneventful and we were served either a ham and cheese sandwich or wrap plus a drink. Just remember when you fly in So America, Avianca airlines equals good edible food and with Tame airlines you need to bring your own. Don’t forget this tip when scheduling your next trip!
Right before landing a stewardess came thru the cabin and sprayed (they announced it was non toxic) the entire cabin and everyone was coughing as soon as they came by. I do understand the need for caution but that was a bit much. Once we landed we walked quite a distance to the processing center and just before entering we all waded thru a disinfectant for our shoes. Security checks on our bags was also very tight leaving Lima with an X-ray of each bag and then they were security sealed. When we arrived once again our bags were x-rayed and then the seal was released. After all the paper work stations and we each paid our $100.00 (cash) entry fee we had to walk thru a big duty free store before exiting the airport.
Once outside we got on a bus and were transported a short distance to the water and we put our luggage in top of the boat and got inside for the ride across to the other side. ($1.00 per person). Once again after disembarking and collected luggage we had choices for the 45 kilometer ride to Puerto Ayora. After I checked the cab price and learned it would be $18.00 we opted for the cheepo public transit bus and paid $2.00 each for the ride.
The terrain started out as a barren waste land with a few short brown trees but as we progressed the foliage became a bit more lush little by little till we were surround by dense undergrowth and banana, mango and lots of Palm trees with flowering bushes and vines. Nice ride.
Arrived at the pier and drug our suitcases to a nearby restaurant for a bite and brew which will give us time to contemplate getting to our B and B. Refreshed and with a strategy via our Lonely Planet map we set out to find La K Leta Guest House.
We were greeted by Yolanda (the Mama) who took us to our room and a few minutes later we were greeted by Yogo (cute young man son) who I had been communicating with via email. In perfect English he gave us all the general information of the town and welcomed us to our home for the next 6 nights.
It feels so good to know we will have this down time before heading to Quito for the next adventure.
We headed down to the water front as I was most anxious to meet new friends but only encountered a few lizards, fat finches and pelicans that were close enough to strike up a conversation. We meandered down to the fresh fish dock and there was a seal (flanked by several pelicans) rubbing up against one of the ladies who was cleaning fish and she fed him the skin she was removing for a customer. Absolutely adorable!
When we got down to the wharf a parade was in full progress with all the little children dressed as princesses or super heroes and the classes of school children dressed in ethnic clothes and dancing. A pickup with music proceeded each group. The town was very festive and we enjoyed the crowd watching as much as the parade.
On the way home stopped for ice cream and a bit more people watching.
Wonderful evening in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. We were tired so off to early bed as we want to take an early walk in the morning.

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