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Aeriquipa (Mon)

We arrived in Aeriquipa mon morning after a 10 hour bus ride overnight.  This is the second largest city in Peru after Lima with about one million people. Juber took us on a walking tour of the town and we had lunch at a huge monastery.  Afternoon was spent exploring the city with Lanah while Pauline and Francis spent more time at the monastery taking pictures. We met Juber at 7pm and he took us to a delightful restaurant with live Peruvian entertainment. Wayne had an llama steak and I had my first quinoa which was a creamy dish with cubes of cheese. Never tasted anything like it before and I wish I had the recipe. We chatted with the owner and he has a son living in San Jose Ca   Oh such a small world.

Leaving in the morning by bus once again and venturing towards the condors. Can’t wait to see them!

Saturday, day 6

After a relaxing day and night in Paracas, a delightful little coastal vacation town we headed out for Nasca and stopped for lunch and fun in Hucachina which features a little oasis in the middle of huge sand dunes. Only Lanah opted to take the dune buggy ride up and sand board down the sand dunes. She had a blast which most 23 year olds would. We then headed out to Nasca and again Lanah was the only one of us five to opt to take the plane ride to view the famous Nasca Lines.

Our next stop was the oldest winery, Tacama, in So America and was founded in 1540.  We were taken on a tour of the winery and it was like being in a museum with all the antique wine making equipment displayed thru out. We then went into the tasting room to sample all the different varieties that they made. We started with a delightful bubbly (Suzanne, you would have loved it!) which was followed by a Rose and two whites. We then had the Gran Tinto, which Wayne and I really enjoyed so bought a bottle to enjoy somewhere along the way. (No Barb it won’t be coming home to you as we only have carry on and it would probably have aged way to long in 5 weeks so can’t risk). They did a final finish of Pisco which is a hard liquor made from grapes that is the base for the famous Pisco sour.

Juber took us on a walking tour of the city after checking into our quaint hotel Alegria which was just a few blocks from the main plaza. We all went to dinner and once again had a fabulous meal.

Tomortow Lanah takes the plane ride and we also will visit a Nasca museum, view mummies and visit an artists studio. Stay tuned.

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Bus to Paraca

Our bus is scheduled to leave in just a few minutes and in about 4 hours we will be in Pisco where we will spend the night and Juber has promised a trip to a winery tomorrow where he said we will taste some really great wines. OMG, I think this has to be the nicest bus I have ever had the pleasure of traveling on. There is a door between the seating and the entrance and driver with curtains.  We have a host and hostess and when we were just taking off the hostess came thru the bus and video taped each of the passengers which Juber said was for security purposes. Guess I’ll have to behave. Three rather large screens are hanging from the ceiling  and so far they are looping just rather annoying commercials.   An animated movie began showing with a wicked witch with wings and incredible powers to take down entire armies and she captured  the princess baby….no I won’t bore you with the rest of the details!  The movie is “Maleficient”?? Lunch was served by our cute young steward (I’m thinking the gal that video taped us got off the bus) and Juber had warned us about the food. It turned out to be a roll (no filling, just a roll) a package of chocolate covered cookies and three lemon hard candies. Cutie boy then came with an offering of cups of sofa or coffee. Wayne and I both opted for the coffee which was a latte sort of drink also known as cafe con leche or cafe de olla. We arrived at a really cute, on the beach, town and checked into Hostal Refugio Del Pirata which had a pirate theme, great pool and BBQ facility. Quite nice Hostel. I wish I could figure out how to attach photos as our dinner was a spectacular presentation which was divine. Wayne had prawns over sculpted mounds of mashed potatoes and I had mashed potatoes with spinach in two sculpted layers with corn and cheese filling in the middle. The plate was covered in an assortment of marinated artichokes, red peppers and really delicious olives. Beyond que yummo.

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Meeting our guide Juber and group

At 7:00pm last night we met our guide, Juber, a very enthusiastic and oh so personable young man. We also met the three other ladies, Pauline and Mary from Dublin, Ireland and Allanah, from Australia.  Juber was really excited to have such a small group as they average 13 to 15.  After a 45 min briefing of our adventure we took out walking to all have dinner together.
Juber took up to a really typical Peruvian restaurant with all the tables out in an alley and no restaurant front in sight. We were welcomed with a Pisco Sour which was deliciously non sweet and oh so yummy. Juber helped us with our dinner choices and he suggested a grilled vegetable selection for me. The presentation of my dish made everyone stop talking.  I would insert a photo here but I somehow have not mastered adding a photo as my entire camera roll comes up and doesn’t allow me to just choose one photo .  (Help Lee!!!)

We take off at noon today and head down the coast. Will be interesting to see the wifi situation.

Hugs to all!!!

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Thurs in Lima

Today was our second day traveling around Lima by public busses and we really feel like pros. The young men here immediately give up their seats for “older” women and men which was so appreciated by me. The bus we jumped on today to go to the art museum started loading up about half way there and a young woman saw where we had ourLonely Planet guide open to and she assured us she would tell us when to get off as that was her stop also. About 4 stops before ours she indicated we should get up and start working our way thru the packed in like sardine bodies to the back of  the bus to be able to get off when we got to our stop. What an angel!!  We made it off the bus, profusely thanked her and shook hands. So far we have met so many friendly Peruvians. On our first day an older gentleman with a big smile on his face paused as he walked by and said, “thank you for visiting Peru”, and continued on his way.

We we had an early simple dinner and will be meeting our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Juber, at a 7:00pm meeting. There are three other women on our tour so it will be quite a small group and for sure our guide will not need a flag on a pole for us to follow.  Wayne thinks this all women, one guy group sounds pretty good to him!! 😊

We both are very anxious to get on the road tomorrow.

Lima Peru day 2

imageWayne called these guys  “Faux Incas” as he said they were way too fat and way too tall. We found them in a plaza in Old Lima

Lima Peru day 1

We arrived at our hotel at 1:30 am and it felt sooo good to crash. It is now our second day exploring Lima and we are having a blast. There has been no wifi till this afternoon and I did this post to save a spot for day one and I will come back later and fill in the details but for now will jump to the next post.