Halloween on Galapagos

Halloween on The Galapagos
Ahhh our first full day in The Galapagos.
We popped out of bed super early and took off on a walk towards the Darwin Center being mindful we had ordered a 7:30 breakfast from Yolanda. The sun was out in full force even at this early hour but a beautiful soft ocean breeze would caress our faces just when we needed it. We had the road almost to ourselves on the way out but once we headed back a flood of workers were heading into the park. We both are anxious to explore this area in depth tomorrow.
Breakfast was brought to our room shortly after we arrived and we both were so hungry and so appreciative of the food. We had perfectly seasoned scrambled eggs, multi grain toast with sides of butter and jam, sliced banana and apple and a delicious unidentifiable juice. We have a coffee pot so bottomless coffee accompanied this great meal.
After resting a bit we took off to explore Puerto Ayora.
I feel so fortunate that Wayne likes to explore supermarkets like I do and we found a fairly good size one (not by our standards) and headed in to investigate the shelves and maybe find a worthy snack for later. Yogo had told us about the bread resembling human bodies that they make for Dia de Muertes (day of the dead) which is tomorrow and celebrates all those that have passed before us. Wayne spotted the bread bodies and called me over. Just to be with the local tradition I chose a sweet bread version which when later sampled tasted like Portuguese sweet bread or Hawaiian sweet bread. We also found my traditional travel treat of Japanese peanuts along with a bag of potato chips, just in case.

Since there was the big school parade last night we were looking forward to our first Halloween on the Galapagos. Well as the sun was getting ready to set over the water and evening was upon us here came all the little (and some not so little) trick or treaters and we later saw them scoring sweet treats from the shop owners. For now we were at the dick and there was an adorable little bumble bee toddler that was stealing the show. She was just a natural little ham and quite a few tourists couldn’t resist photographing her managing an ice cream cone and trying to navigate a seat on beams along the railing. She persisted with this feat over and over and we all were in hysterics as she would miss the beam and land between two of them. Up she would pop and try again. What a precious delight.

As we navigated home we passed a haunted house that the kids were all going in next to our new favorite ice cream place on the corner where we go home. Great evening!!!!!

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