Sunday at Tortuga Bay Beach

Sunday at Tortuga Bay Beach

After a not too tasty for me but great breakfast for Wayne we took off walking towards the Main Street heading out of town. When we came to the edge of town we veered off to the left on a side street till we came to a blocked off street where major street repair was obviously being done. Across the road looked like the makings of a soon to be attraction so we followed a rather shabby dirt path along side of the walled complex. A ways down the path we could see a paved street over to the left and an entrance to something sitting up on the hill with steps leading up. We continued on our parallel path which then turned towards the distant street and after a bit we arrived at the street. Leave it to Wayne to always find the scenic route. Walking up to the steps a sign announced Tortuga Bay which we had seen in our literature. Off to the beach we climbed. At the top was a gate house and each entrant had to register name and entry and exit time. The path was very nicely cobbled and little did we realize we would be walking another 2 and 1/2 kilometers to get to the beach. All in all, once we hiked up and down this path, the beach was really beautiful with lots of families enjoying the sand and sea. I had a great time looking at tide pools and watching the big orange rock crabs chase the big black rock crabs over and around the volcanic rocks jutting out of the water. We also saw a large iguana slide into the water from a rock a ways out in the water and then swim to shore. Quite an interesting sight to behold. We played for about 45 minutes and then headed out for the long trek back to a cold beer. Oh and did it ever taste good. I dare say that on this trip I have become quite the beer drinker as nothing quite quenches a big thirst on a really hot day like a cold, cold beer.

Last night we had gone on the quest for the homemade ice cream shop that Yogo had told us about and tonight we found the spot. The ice cream was really yummy and I had a carmel nut flavor and Wayne had a scoop of passion fruit and one of mango and they all were delicious and a nice final finish on a nice day.

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