Going to Quito

We opted to have Tio Nico take us to the dock over to the airport as the bus leaves at 7:30am for the 45 min ride and our flight takes off at 12:30pm. We had him pick us up at 9:00 after a leisurely breakfast and a final conversation with Yogo before all the hugs, kisses and goodbyes with Yolanda and Yogo. After six nights it is wonderful how a friendship develops and we look forward to seeing Yogo on his next trip to the states.
Arrived at the docks and a boat was loading for the airport and we jumped on. At the dock on the other side the bus to the airport was waiting and we had primo seating. Check in at the airport was a breeze compared to the one hour plus wait in line entering the Galapagos.

The flight stopped in Guayaquil and then flew on to Quito. Going east we gained an hour.
At the airport we debated on taking a bus for $8.00 each or a cab $26.00 and we opted for the cab which was a beyond excellent choice. The trek to our hotel was over an hour and a half and the traffic conditions were beyond awful as the majority of the road was two very narrow lanes with quite a few single car only passages in the heat of rush hour. Of all the trips from an airport to our hotel this zoomed into #1 position of all time nightmares. $26.00 was cheap for the heroics our driver had to endure. Yes he got a nice tip!!
We arrived at our hotel which ended up being really really nice. We are one day early as our Gate 1 tour starts tomorrow. The sweet young man who checked us in was very apologetic that he could not put us in the room we would have tomorrow night which was part of our tour as the hotel was really booked. He said he could put us in a really nice room if we wouldn’t mind and then change into our room tomorrow. I agreed that would be just fine and ……. hang onto your seats fans…….we were given room 1000……the penthouse suite. OMG…..I know I am constantly saying we have such good travel karma……well this certainly proves we do!!!!! A balcony off the bedroom, a balcony off the living room, two bathrooms, sunken jacuzzi tub, bidet and our only criticism is that the closets were not as big as the closet in the Winston Churchill suite we were upgraded to on Wayne’s birthday at The Princess hotel in Bermuda. Wonderful night!!!

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