Monday is a Holiday

Today is a holiday as All Saints Day fell on a Sat.
Nico who is Yolanda’s brother (Yogos uncle) came and picked us up in his double cab pickup which is what all the cabs on Santa Cruz are. Makes it handy if you need to transport anything, ie bike, groceries etc, the bed comes in handy. There are quite a few motor bikes on the island but very few cars and a white numbered pick up truck cab is always available where ever you are.
We took off towards Baltra ( where the airport is located) and our first stop was to view two very deep canyons that were formed by lava with tubes below forming subterranean caverns. It is now covered with lush growth and Nico pointed out different types of trees and plants totally indigenous to the Galapagos as we hiked the area on both sides of the road. Off we then went to view and wander amongst the giant tortoises. We went a distance into the farm land past vincas of coffee, banana oranges and other fruits till we came to the tortoise farm. A shed housed shelves of different sized rubber boots but since the rainy season is not quite upon us regular shoes were perfect walking the farm. We had spotted a few tortoises on the way in but once inside the farm they were everywhere. Big, small and ginormous specimens were everywhere and as long as you approached from the rear you could stand right next to them. If you approached from the front they would retreat into their shell and make a hissing sound. Deep into the farm we came across a lagoon and the largest big boy of all was lounging in the water. The surface of the water was covered by a beautiful red liken type plant so when the tortoises came out of the water they had red little clusters of plants decorating their shells. Such beautiful gentle giants. It was quite the perfect day for me to be walking amongst these beautiful creatures. A real treasure of an experience.

Now you have been listening to me whining about the less than “Peru” quality food but last night I has a very simple but wonderfully delicious dinner. It was vegetarian spaghetti and I asked for raw chopped onions to top. They sautéed thinly sliced vegetables in a butter sauce which was perfectly seasoned. After Wayne finished his spaghetti with meat sauce he devoured my remaining pasta and said it was way bettered than his. An interesting side note, his meat sauce did not contain any tomatoes but they brought a squeeze container of ketchup and asked if he wanted mayonnaise. Odd I thought but when I asked if there was any Parmesan cheese she said yes and brought a freshly grated bowl to the table. We had a good chuckle and a really good meal.

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