First Day in Quito

First day in Quito
We awoke early and decided to spend this free day walking around Quito and our Lonely Planet guide had a heat walking tour map for us to follow.
We first popped into a little cafe and had breakfast (no menu)of scrambled eggs, a croissant type roll with a slice of cheese inside, and for Wayne an order of fruit (it was a huge plate of fruit) and pineapple juice. When we were ordering our coffee he asked if we wanted water or milk and we both opted for water. When the cups of hot water arrived he told us the coffee was the liquid in the little decanter on the table. Can’t say I’d write home about that cup of coffee but such a fun experience. The total meal was $6.00 and a lot of fun.
Off we went exploring at about 9:00am and we ended up back at our hotel at 4:00pm. We did churches, plazas, listened to street music, stopped for a fruit drink and journeyed up and down the streets of Quito. Late morning we stopped for a coffee on a walking street and had a great time people watching. The guy at the next table was having a taped interview but I couldn’t quite determine what he was discussing. Probably a politician.
We ended up in the La Ronda district which has beautiful homes and lots if artists workshops. It was getting close to lunch time and Wayne spotted La Lena Quitena, which had a copy of the article written up in The Miami Herald food section touting this restaurant to be the most typically Ecuadorian restaurant with amazing food. Of course seating was out on a balcony three flights up. Oh what I am willing to do for food!! Our waiter was a very interesting character and when I mentioned I was vegetarian he asked if he could select my lunch. I agreed and was not disappointed. Wayne opted for the oven roasted chicken platter and he had a divine lunch. Mine came with a wonderful salad with delicious green beans, an ear of corn, two tortilla type cakes and rice. It was all very yummy and we even had a gentleman who came rooftop with his guitar and lovely voice to seranade us whie we ate. Great interlude with oh so good food and a large bottle of Pilsner beer.
Walking back was fun as we felt we knew our streets and were feeling very comfortable in Quito.
We both are anxious to see who will be in our group tomorrow and meet our guide. We are so spoiled with our Peru “family” group and hoping this will be similar.
Wayne is doing a pre dinner napping session so he will be ready to hit the streets in search of dinner. We talked about going back to the Italian restaurant where we had a pasta dinner last night and trying their pizza tonight. Last night I ordered spaghetti with butter, garlic and onions and our waiter kept asking if I wanted tomato sauce and I said no thank you. Well it came and after we both swooned just smelling the garlic and onions we tasted it and it was divine. Wayne had is with threat sauce and after I ate all I could he mixed mine in with his remaining meat sauce and declared Italian dinner perfection.
Now after discussing the fabulous pasta last night will I order it again or do a pizza??????
We went to a different restaurant and the vegetarian pasta was so so. Wayne had beef crepes in a mushroom sauce that he enjoyed.
Tour starts at 8:00am.

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