Mon 11/10/14
On our way out of the Andes and down to the Amazon the clouds lifted and we witnessed a volcano smoking which according to Romy is not a common sight due to the heavy cloud cover that is present most of the year. She said we had some good karma.
At one of the potty breaks there were food vendors and Romy described the contents of the packages of leaves grilling over the hot coals. There was fish, pork and chicken but the highlight was the grubs that were grilling on a stick and still moving. Well of course Wayne and Rick had to try them. Both agreed that they tasted a bit like shrimp except for the crunchy head. Enough said.
Onward to the river edge where we boarded motor canoes for a short trip down river to the lodge. Upon disembarking we climbed a ton (and I’m not exaggerating) of steps up to a beautiful lodge overlooking the river and jungle. A big pool was the center focus and palapa seating areas, a bar with more seating and two covered eating areas surrounded the pool. We arrived around noon and shortly we were served a delicious buffet lunch.
Casa del Swiss is really a great jungle observation environment overlooking the river. The other guests in the lodge are French and I won’t spend time discussing cultural differences but let me just say it’s been interesting in the buffet line at meal times.
The afternoon activity was a trip to an indigenous family home but Wayne and I along with three other couples opted to stay at the lodge and swim and just enjoy relaxing. When the group came back the chef of the lodge did a demonstration of the grilled meats, fish and hearts of Palm wrapped in large leaves. He also had grilled grubs which once again Wayne enjoyed. We spent the remainder of the afternoon bird watching and enjoying the scenery.
Dinner buffet had three different vegetable choices as did lunch with one being my favorite cauliflower in a cheese sauce and baked which was fantastically delicious. Each lunch and dinner always had a potato offering and beef, chicken and pork selections. There also was a table of fancy desserts for a scrumptious final finish.
Great first day in the jungle!!

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