Tuesday 11/11/14
Today was an early day as most of the group was heading out for a two hour hike in the jungle which Romy described as quite challenging so I and four other ladies opted to stay behind and we did a ten minute walk with a nice young man from the lodge to a butterfly farm. There were 16 different varieties of extremely vibrant colored beauties. We spent about 45 minutes enjoying being surrounded and having them landing on us when we were not moving in the enclosure. On the way back we stopped at a little tienda as a couple of the ladies wanted a coke and we bought one for our guide which he appreciated as it was quite hot already at 10:30am. Back to the lodge to wait for our hikers who were scheduled to arrive around noonish. After the hike they were taking a raft down the river till they encountered the rapid part of the river and then they transferred back to the motor canoe for the final approach to the lodge. At about 11:00am when the Trekkers had just gotten on the raft the sky darkened in less than a couple of minutes and a torrential downpour began and lasted for about 45 minutes. The ladies and I were sitting under cover in the bar area and the wind was so intense that we had to move way back as the intense rain was just blowing in on us. Our poor folks on the raft were being drenched by the downpour and when they arrived back at the lodge were totally soaked to the skin. What an adventure!! They quickly went to their rooms for a shower and dry clothes before lunch. One of the afternoon options was to go on a zip line which we both passed on and retired to the bar area and 6 of us had a great afternoon telling stories. Dinner again was fabulous and we all agreed that we could stay here for an extended stay!!!
After dinner we retired back to the bar for some more wine and more stories. Don’t think we all stopped laughing till we headed off to bed. Another extremely enjoyable day!!

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