Wed 11/11/14
We had an early breakfast and on the river heading out of the Amazon by 8:00am.
The seats on the bus are rotated daily with a first come rule except for the front row seats which must not be day in more than once. Yesterday Wayne and I took the front left seats which was a great score as the majority of the day was bus riding and Wayne was able to enjoy his first totally comfortable day on the bus with no cramped legs!

Our hotel (on the Amazon) sent sack lunches and our wonderful chef Pedro, at the lodge, seemed to delight in creating special vegetarian dishes at each meal for Hema and I. Our vegetarian box lunch was not a disappointment for either of us. He made a type of sandwich creation of mashed potatoes which were delightfully seasoned and in the center we encountered the yummy green beans from dinner last night. Fruit, juice, chips and cookies accompanied our lunches and we were able to enjoy at our leisure on the bus.
Our first adventure stop of the day was El Pailon del Diablo (Devils Cauldron) which was a beautiful waterfall but the hike was billed as quite a demanding and somewhat treacherous event so Wayne went with some of the others and I hung with those that stayed behind. Wayne ended up soaking wet from head to toe but had a great time. A bit further down the road we pulled over for a basket (for 8) zip line adventure across the river to a beautiful photo op of a dual waterfall. 16 of the 26 did the ride and the rest of us safely placed cheered them on. It was $1.50 per person which by our zip line standards was quite the deal.
Our next stop was was the town of Puno where we were taken to a factory that made jewelry and figurines out of a nut called Tagua. This nut when dried is as hard and the same color as ivory and there was a great poster in the shop of an elephant with two beautiful tusks of ivory and the writing on the poster said “thank you for saving me!” We were able to watch the artist create a vase and do a lustrous final finish using the nut shavings to polish the outside. After that we were given free time to wander the city till we took off to head toward our hacienda for the evening.
A few of us enjoyed a delicious and significant size pour $4.00 a glass of wine.

Off to Hacienda Leito for the evening. Upon arrival we entered a beautiful hotel that could have qualified for a museum and were greeted by the owner. I will do a separate post for what happened next.

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