Friday our last day in Quito

Friday’s Adventures
This is our last Ecuador tour day and after a lively breakfast at the hacienda we headed for Quito. We made numerous stops along the way for volcano photo ops as another perfect day had unfolded for us and the cloud cover had lifted and we were treated to spectacular views of the volcanos along the way. Romy told the folklore of each of the volcanos who represent mythical figures of people who had fascinating stories.
Once in Quito we were taken to the old town, where Wayne and I had walked when we arrived a day early. We went to two churches, one of which was very baroque in style and the entire church (except the pews and floors) was covered in gold leaf. Overwhelming and stunningly beautiful. Next came an empanada and juice stop at Romys favorite little to go vendor. A city tour we were told would not be complete without a stop at the Panama hat store where we learned quality Panama hats are all made in Ecuador. They use to use Panama as a distribution site, hence the name Panama. This distribution manufacturer was the best known and most prestigious with of course the most expensive hats. Sylvester Stalone had purchased one of their custom made hats, at one time, for $27,000.00. No one in our group made a purchase.

Back to the Mercure Hotel where we had stayed in the beginning of our trip. The afternoon was free time so we chose it to take Wayne to a skin Dr as he had a rash on his right index finger that was spreading and starting to swell. Romy walked us to the clinic and we were able to get right in to a woman dermatologist. She did quite an interrogation of his health history and then she wanted an explanation of exactly how he had been caring for this rash. It was cute (maybe not the best descriptive but she made Romy and myself laugh) watching her face cringe as he explained how he had been using alcohol and popping the blisters that had formed. The Dr explained that he had a bug bite that due to scratching had gotten severely infected. She wrote a prescription for antibiotics and two topical creams to use together twice a day after washing the finger with just plain soap and water. Since we were leaving in the morning she asked that we email her on Sun as she wanted to be sure he was healing. (So as to not keep you in suspense I am writing this on Sat around noonish and his finger looks sooo much better already. Success.)

At 6:30pm we all met in the lobby and Gerardo, our driver took us to a nice restaurant for our farewell dinner as quite a few in our group were flying out at midnight. We
Were fortunate to have an 8:30 am flight.
Dinner started with potato soup for Wayne and an empanada for me. Wayne had the pork entree which he was very pleased with. Dessert was an offering of dessert bites. As dinner started so did the floor show of music and dancers which was quite elaborate and extremely well executed. Before the had finished we had to leave as the group going to the airport needed to get on the road. As with any group of 27 every personality was represented and brought a different flavor to the table. So saying goodbye to the group was a bit on the sad side. Lots of hugs all around!!
Off to bed to await the 4:00am wake up call.

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