Wed night addition

Wed night.
This is quite a story of how lemons became absolutely delicious lemonade.
I had described the museum beauty of this hacienda in the last post so we were all quite anxious to see our rooms. The first group were called and a young woman took them to their rooms. The second group was then taken to their rooms and there were 6 remaining couples. Romy mentioned that someone would come and get us for dinner at 7:00pm and then passed out our room keys and a young woman proceeded to lead us to our rooms. Off we went down a path with many steps veering to the left till we came to a bend and headed down to the right for a ways. By now we were all joking about how we would scale the side of this mountain to get to dinner. We were still laughing and joking as we traversed down several more switchbacks till we spotted a long modern building. We all finally made it thru the one entrance and were met with a lounge area with a couple of couches, chairs, TV and what could have been a bar but was now just a piece of furniture. We were still laughing about how we would have one heck if a party after dinner, if we could ever find our way home in the dark.
Each couple went in to check out our rooms and everyone was commentating that it smelled like bug spray. I opened our window hoping to air out the room and went to the lounge area to see if I could get wifi.
A few minutes later Edie came busting out of their room yelling that there was a huge black spider in their room and Rick was trying to kill it. Wayne went in and took a picture and then took it outside to become mulch. As this all was progressing my head was beginning to feel really headache and I never get headaches. After the spider incident Rick also found a sac of spider eggs in their closet. Collectively we then agreed this was not going to work so Edie, Wayne and Jack (an attorney) headed up on the ling trek to the lobby while the remainder of us seriously chatted about our overnight accommodations.So far on this trip we (as you have read) have had exceptionally nice accommodations and this was certainly not meeting our expectations.
I won’t bore you with the details but the six couples were transported to different accommodations that literally knocked our socks off. Fernando greeted us and took us to our rooms which beyond exceeded our expectations!!
Beautiful rooms, chocolates on the pillow, extra super soft alpaca blankets and the sheets had to be a minimum of 1500 thread count as they were beyond luxurious. The bed spread was a hand quilted intricate cotton beige covering. Beyond night time heaven!!
The next morning we had coffee with Fernando and were then transported back to our original hotel for breakfast before we headed out. What a great night.
As a great side note for my shopper friends, there was a beautiful alpaca blanket folded cover the end if the bed that was so colorfully beautiful, soft and snuggly that I just would have loved to have taken home and in the morning I asked Fernando where I could buy a blanket as beautiful as the one draped on my bed and he said he would sell it to me for $20.00. OMG what a screaming deal as I had been tracking on pricing of these blanket treasures our whole trip and he was definitely getting me a deal.

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