A Cuenca Ecuador Sat

Sat in Cuenca
We enjoyed our last hotel breakfast in Quito at 4:30am and waited for our 5:00am cab to arrive to take us to the airport. It’s about an hour away and the cab driver had a great music selection and the cost was only $30.00.
The flight from Quito to Cuenca was about 35 minutes and we were presented a basket to choose a piece of candy to enhance our flight enjoyment.
Arriving in Cuenca we hailed a cab and a few minutes later and $2.00 we were at our hotel. The Forum Hotel is located just blocks from the central square and is a beautiful colonial style small boutique hotel. Our room although not large is lovely and steps from our room is a sala containing museum quality pieces of French Provincial furniture, an inlaid painted ceiling presenting a black crystal chandelier, heavy baroque patterned velvet burgundy drapes, an ornate piano and an exquisite subtle but elegant carpet made the perfect final finish. We enjoyed a glass of wine and catch up wifi time in this ambience late afternoon after exploring this beautiful city.
For dinner we found an Italian restaurant called The Jazz Cafe and we enjoyed pizza and pasta. The music didn’t start till a bit later and we opted for a stroll around the central square. We stopped for a while to watch some young men break dancing which was very entertaining and then we did an ice cream evening finale. Que yummo.
We were so ready to sleep.

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