Going Home Monday

Monday, the gateway day to home.
Yes and we are totally ready to head home!
After breakfast (included) and last minute final packing we took a cab to the bus station. It was about 10:15 and the next bus scheduled to leave was at 10:30am so we bought our tickets and once on the bus settled in for the four hour ride to Guayaquil. The bus was not exactly express, stopping along the way to pick up a few passengers and drop off a few.
Half way we stopped for a potty break and them back on the road.
It is always so interesting to watch the topography change and for the first half we had beautiful sunny skies and lush scenery. After the potty stop we descended into a thick cloud cover so travel slowed to accommodate the conditions. In a half hour or so we dipped below the cloud line and were in the jungle. A bit further and we hit the flatlands and were surrounded by sugar cane fields, banana plantations and then rice fields were everywhere. All I could think of was mosquito breeding grounds with all the standing water. The temperature also got really hot and sticky.
Bus station is just a short jaunt to the airport by cab and now the homeward adventure continues and shall be lovingly referred to as “the hurry up and wait” phase.
I’ve almost finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn which I have been saving till now as wifi might be sketchy this last leg.
Onward HOME.

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