We will be home today

At the Airport…
Flight from Guayaquil was nice and I sat next to a woman’s shoe distributer for So America. He showed me their new line of sandals and short of the fact that each pair had a 4″ plus lift they were pretty cute.
Got to Lima and when we finally got to the American Airlines window our flight to Dallas had been cancelled as the plane arriving from Dallas had been cancelled. Now if you all remember that we are flying 1st class (OK air miles first class) I at this point am suffering from a severe case of “Oh s..t we just lost our first class” which happened to us coming back from Europe in 06. Long story short, we will fly (two hours earlier than our scheduled flight to Dallas) to Miami in coach and then 1st class to Phoenix and then to Portland. All of our air miles will be refunded and we are sitting in the first class lounge pacifying ourselves with a well deserved libation. Except for losing our first class to Dallas we get to PDX one hour later than our original flight schedule which is way better than overnight in Lima and then flying coach all the way home.

It’s now 8:15am on Tues and we are in Miami and will be heading home in under 30 min.
Watching the news and it is below freezing in 50 states this morning. Burr this is going to be challenging for me after all the hot hot hot we have had. The best consolation will be being home today.

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