Sat night

Saturday evening. 3/19/16
At 7:00pm we met our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Adri who makes the word “gregarious” seem subdued. She is a bundle of comic energy and with out a doubt she will make this trip so memorable. We have a great group with a mother and 14 year old son from Manhattan, a couple about our age from the UK, one single young gal from Germany, two guy friends, one from Canada and the other the UK and two young gals from Dublin Ireland. So altogether with Adri there are 12 of us.
Will be a fun trip for sure!!!

We had a great dinner with just 7 of us plus Adri who provided continual comic antidotes about her adventures being a travel guide. I have found my food groove with beans, rice or pinto Gallo (which is beans and rice combined usually served at breakfast) and tortillas.

We’re taking off from the hotel at 7:00am for a long bus ride to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to Puerto Viejo. Transportation will be a public bus without air conditioning so will get a real feel of regular tropical life.

Let the adventure begin!!!

One thought on “Sat night

  1. YEs! Let it begin!!! Ours begins tomorrow morning!! Trip back home! Home Tuesday late afternoon!! We are very happy to get out of here!!! Don’t sweat to death on the bus!

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